Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete and stamped concrete overlay are also colored concrete. If you have a brand-new project and do not have existing cement, stamped concrete is the perfect alternative to pavers. A fresh colored slab is poured, stamped and sealed in one process. Why settle for plain boring gray utilitarian concrete when you could have an amazing low maintenance finished product. If you already have concrete that you would like to resurface (pool deck, patio, driveway, entryway…) stamped concrete overlay is a great option. Overlay is a half inch thick layer of polymerized, fiberglass reinforced cement that is bonded to your existing slab. Unlike pavers there are no maintenance issues common to pavers such as resanding, settlement, weeds growing in between the pavers or ant piles in the middle of your patio to name a few. The patterns for both are a three-dimensional impression into the surface of the concreted by rubber stamps cast from real materials. As a result the finished product has a very real feel to its appearance. Not to be confused with sprayed on materials with a template pattern. Stamped concrete is so real that people are often unaware that is not pavers or other materials until it is pointed out to them.

We have lots of colors and stamped patterns to choose from. The pictures below represent some of the more recent jobs we have done. After years in the industry I have lost more pictures than I can find but I’m sure I’ll be adding and changing pictures for a long time.

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