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No ifs ands or buts, without water nothing grows. Proper irrigation means the right amount of watering time and good coverage. St.Augustine grass is not particularly drought tolerant grass. Quite frankly if you want a nice yard, water is a major component regardless of the type of grass. All things considered, coverage and time are the two main issues with irrigation. Too much water and you’ll create ideal conditions for water loving weeds like nut sedge. Too little water and the yard will look as though its being cut to short and worse yet it may even shrink. The blades of grass can actually fold in half and wilt, leading to the erroneous idea that the yard is being cut short. As a professional lawn service nothing is more frustrating than being told that the fertilizer technician thinks we are cutting the yard to short…only to go and inspect the yard to discover the yard is not growing (or even shrinking back) due to a lack of water. Most separate irrigation, fertilizer and lawn maintenance companies love to play the circular finger pointing game. The Irrigation guy says that he fixed up the irrigation system right but the lawn fertilizer is not adequate or over done and burned the lawn up or that the lawn cutting is to short. Then the Lawn Maintenance guys claim that the fertilizer is the problem as he defends himself against the fertilizer guys accusation that the yard is being cut to short and is not getting enough water. No company wants to loose an account so if they can point to the blame to someone else it allows them to claim they did their job. Unfortunately it doesn’t solve the problem. It’s also unfair to you the customer to stick you in the middle of the finger-pointing circle and ask you to decide who you believe the most.

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Once we go through your irrigation system we can pin point the problem areas and offer solutions. Solutions are all that will help change the condition of your yard. If you need (or want) fertilizer service…we have you covered. And if your irrigation system needs to be revamped of installed…we can help. We strive to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood because we know that we only look good when your yard looks great.

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