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The key to a lush, thick, healthy St. Augustine yard is a nice deep root system. There are three key factors in getting your yard’s root system established. The first is the height that it’s being mowed at. 4 ½ inches is ideal because a nice tall blade equates to the ability to collect lots of sunlight which is essential in the photosynthetic process. The second is water. Proper watering means the right coverage for the right amount of time. Too much water can create fungus or root rot, not enough water creates desert like conditions that the grass cannot survive in. The third component to a beautiful dark green yard is fertilization, weed control and pest control performed by licensed professionals, a service we offer through Plant It Earth.

Fertilizer is conceptually food for plants. Nothing does well if it’s being starved to death. Unfortunately here in the Tampa Bay area it’s far from as simple as a bag of off-the-shelf weed and feed. Here in the Lutz, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel and new Tampa areas of Tampa, Florida we have a very unique climatic environment. We are a true subtropical environment and as a result it can be very hot and rainy like the tropics or very dry like the Midwest while in the winter it can get very cold like the North. Our yards face unique conditions that require knowledge and experience to recognize and know how to treat. Sometimes that means knowing what not to do as much as what to do to keep your grass healthy.

Weed and insect control are equally as important as fertilization. Keeping your yard weed and insect free is an uphill battle. Staying on top of it is the key. Broadleaved weeds require different treatments and at different times of year than other types of weeds. Similarly insects have different seasons or conditions they thrive in and…as the old saying goes “knowing is half the battle”. In our environment treating a yard every 60 days or worse yet 90 days as most fertilization companies do is too long of a time span. Weeds and insects can become quite well-established in 60 to 90 days which is why having a one-stop shop company like ALIEN Landscaping that is already there every week maintaining your yard works so well. A potential problem gets noticed and treated while it is still small. All said and done we only look good if your yard looks great! Give us a call today or send us an email and will get you an estimate immediately.

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