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Here at Alien Landscaping, we’re proud to offer a variety of services to fulfill all of your landscaping needs. With over 25 years of experience, you can take comfort knowing your landscaping will remain in pristine condition throughout the year. Take a look below at some of the services we have to offer.

The Jones will be trying to keep up with your yard’s almost laser cut and manicured looking maintenance after Alien Landscaping helps you make your yard the standard of the neighborhood.

Your neighbors will be green with envy over the transformation after ALIEN Landscaping adds color, texture and diverse plants to a new landscape design for your house.

Only weeds grow without water. Get our solution oriented estimate on your irrigation system. Stop wasting that precious water with an improperly balanced system.

A lush, thick, dark green yard isn’t magic or luck. Without a good fertilizer / insect control program your yard will never get there. If you haven’t had good luck in the past give us a chance and find out why our services are out of this world.

Stamped concrete gives just the right amount of artistry to your landscape. Add a patio, walk way or resurface that plain cement slab with colored stamped concrete that is so beautiful that it’s better than real.

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